This is a new thing I'm dabbling in; I designed the ampersand shirt to the right for a conference talk I give about the history of women in tech, and so many people asked where they could get one that I posted it online (with all proceeds going to Write/Speak/Code).

Check 'em out here!

I've been an avid punner since I was a kid, much to the chagrin of friends, family, partners and colleagues. Most years for Galentine's Day, I craft a batch of wordplay-wrought programming galentines and distribute them to tech friends.

These are some of my favorites.

This is a side project inspired by a student I tutored at the YWCA. It's a small, simple way to make finding placeholder text more fun (and little more diverse).

Check out the sites here.

As an insatiable devourer of fantasy/sci-fi, I wanted a way to wear my heart(s) on my sleeve ... or, that is, shirt. This project also allowed me to explore my fascination with the dichotomy of fantasy maps, which invite you to navigate geographically unreachable places. See more pendants here.

For a recent project, I designed cards that blend science and art to let you "read" color. See how it works and learn about grapheme-color synesthesia.

One of my favorite Slack features is the ability to add custom emojis (I've made waaaay too many over the last few years). Here's a collection of some of my favorites, as well as a quick tutorial on how to add any (or all) to a team.

Whoa 511486d7f083824368675bf24d20fa6b072510c889487a63ee44569cd59ff742
Tardis 07a9ab67374f6a8a09dc5d7300f5835dd055ab5c0fed8e6f8aaaef567305447c
Fingerscrossed fdbe3c937a0f57e5944b1b88636125d1bd176247e6e8ae7ee14fe594427a4e7c
Superhero de885c4248c3dce4394b34091f3ac88d1e1db771dee9a44aa29b8d5535256026
Highfive 99473dd277eb87b47ebc788d4c67ff44f2ee60a52c0e634bb856ef140201d394