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I regularly tutor at the Madison YWCA's web development bootcamp, which focuses on front-end design and development, and features predominantly women students and students of color.

One day, I was working with a student, Amber, on her portfolio site, and she needed filler text while she hammered out the design. I excitedly showed her some of my favorite lorem ipsum sites, like Riker Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum and Whedon Ipsum (RIP).

"Oh, cool!" she said, eagerly scrolling through. "Do you know any specifically for black women?"

I thought for a minute.

"There's Samuel L. Ipsum, but that's the only one I know of off-hand for a person of color," I said, adding confidently, "There are so many different ones, though. I bet we can find one if we Google it."

Our search was unsuccessful, however, and Amber - who's black - was clearly disappointed.

It might seem like a small thing. When you're not the "usual" person in tech, however - whether because of race, gender, orientation, ability, etc. - every additional othering action is another reminder that maybe you really don't fit in, maybe you really aren't welcome. (Even when it's something as seemingly insignificant as not being able to find a lorem ipsum generator highlighting someone who looks like you.)

That interaction with Amber was the inspiration for a series of "feminist lorem ipsum" sites I'm crafting, so that future YWCA students (and everyone else!) have at least a few more options. All are open-source; to contribute code or quotes, check out the Readme for each Github repository.


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