Bill Looks To Curb High Rates Of Homelessness, Incarceration Among Former State Wards | Nebraska Public Radio

The statistics for youth who age out of the nation’s foster care systems are troubling. They show high rates of pregnancy, incarceration and homelessness. A bill passed Wednesday in the Nebraska Legislature, part of a nationwide effort, looks to change that.


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Stohs-Krause’s tweets are engaging, interesting and varied. In addition to the scavenger hunt tasks, she shared live-tweets from a Brony conference, calls for sources on stories about foster care and guerrilla gardening, photos and more.”

The #NPRKnight Spring Twitter Contest Winners Are…


Activist Arrested As Tension And Violence Escalate In Whiteclay, Nebraska | Nebraska Public Radio

What was supposed to be a standard press conference recap turned into something else entirely when the main speaker, an activist who’d been protesting alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Nebraska, was arrested minutes before he was supposed to speak. Alcohol sellers and Native protesters are both accusing the other of violence, and the situation is “a tinderbox, a time bomb waiting to go off.”



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